My ultimate goal is far more than individual success; my objective is to contribute and play a significant role in helping adults manage a healthy active lifestyle. I finished my Master of Science in Kinesiology from Fullerton State University in Exercise Physiology. In addition, my experience as a communication disorders undergraduate student at Fullerton State has been a rewarding experience. Both have shaped and added to my interest and growth in the field of health care.

As a competitive gymnast for several years I first discovered Pilates in 2004 by taking Mat classes. Immediately I realized the attention to detail that each movement requires which reminded me of the precision that is demanded in the sport of gymnastics. 

I completed my Pilates education through Balanced Body at the Center of Balance with Tom McCook.  This certification process tied into my graduate project which was creating a manual for adults using Pilates exercises to improve functional performance. I am enthusiastic to gain more practical experience, work diligently and learn in this growing field.